Prince-Bean with tapered base

The Prince-Bean with tapered base for a more comfortable fit ... Made of high quality surgical steel, handmade to measure.

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The Prince-Bean with tapered base increases comfort, especially when only the foremost part of the urethra is stretched.
Here, the large diameter is retained as before in a ring but for the urethra behind the puncture channel can be dispensed with a further elongation.

Made of the best surgical steel, also known as "316L" or very precisely "material number 1.4404", the bean is well tolerated by the body. Implants are also made of exactly this material.
The most important thing about the bean is that the given masses are really absolutely right. Each Bean is made by hand and according to the measure, which the buyer has selected here in the shop. However, there may be deviations in the diameter of up to 0.2 mm due to the machining! Usually, of course, as a negative deviation, means that the bean will be slightly thinner. This is because some material has to be removed during fine-tuning and polishing.
The mass must be taken off according to the dimension sheet (see Downloads).